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Dear Friends of the Assumption, Dear Sisters,

jeudi 15 juillet 2004

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Dear Friends of the Assumption, Dear Sisters,

Even if I am not among you physically as I would have wished, even if no message can replace the joint truths contacts and prayer, even if to be Assomption Together they are still better when one finds oneself in the same place at the same time, of France, however, I imagine you all joined together in Leon in the joy of the discovery, in calms prayer, in the effervescence of the reflexion.

Sisters and Friends of the Assumption together for this first European continental congress. You prepared it with those which remained on your premise. You were sent by your communities to represent them. Can I say to you initially that you have much chance ?

There are many Friends of the Assumption throughout the world and in Europe : be motivated to exchange on your return with those which could not be there what you lived and discovered.

You point out that the General Chapter of 2000 affirmed its desire to accomodate all the people of goodwill who want to tie relationships to the Assumption, whatever they are, whatever their situation, their faith, whatever their desire of engagement, their social background...

The relations that the laic ones can tie with the Assumption are various natures :
- vicinity, friendly relations
- relations in projects (professors, collaborators of a dispensary, members of teams of reception...)
- relations of division of spirituality : participation in the offices of sisters, joint deepening of the spirituality of the Assumption...
While being particularly Assumption Together during these days with Leon, you will discover, even coming from the same continent, the diversity of your cultures, your realities of life, your concerns. The language will be a first mark of this diversity.

During my voyages throughout the world of the Assumption, I met professors, the old ones, parents, nurses, farmers, lawyers, white, blacks, Christians, not-Christians... In all this diversity, a reality appeared to me very strongly : there are only one and single family of the Assumption. We have in common roots, attitudes, hopes which characterize us all together. Live this same spirit of family, deepen it, celebrate it, share your diversity to enrich you ! It is in happiness of this diversity and this unit that we want to walk together as Laïcs Friends of the Assumption.

Unceasingly, you have to take initiatives around you to make live the charisma of the Assumption. The General Chapter of the year 2000 indeed affirmed that this charisma and this relation between sisters and laic were not for the only use of the Assumption but " a gift for the Church ". We think indeed that the Church today which, in many places, suffers or seeks, needs what the Assumption can bring to him through the expression of its charisma.
The Charisma of the Assumption rests on three pillars :
- the first is that of the friendship : what strikes initially those which come into contact with the Assumption it is the atmosphere of reception, joy, division which reigns. Each one is received for what it is, such as it is, and this meeting creates the joy. The Friendship is within the center of our life the laic ones and sisters ; we want to build real communities which live the mutual aid, the reception, the attention...
- the second is that of the life of prayer : individual prayer and groups some, prayer of contemplation, deepening of the spirituality of Marie-Eugenie. It is in the prayer that all is created and develops. Marie-Eugenie said that all is played in front of Blessed Sacrament. Laic, we have sometimes evil to find time for simple contemplation, but our desire is there to engage us more and more, at our rate/rhythm...
- the third is that of engagement in the service : this life of friendship and prayer as it intensifies seems each time to lead us in an engagement for most underprivileged ; engagement near close relations, engagement to support more remote friends, whatever his form, this will to engage us in a concrete action is really our manner of being Assomption Together.
With you who are gathered in Leon, as with those which gathered last year in Nairobi in Africa, and will gather the next year in Asia and in America, I would like to ask you to engage in this construction of Assumption Together.
- Can you create a group where will live the friendship ? Do you belong to such a group, and if so, want you to make it grow and accomodate there always more people ?
- Do you decide to intensify your life of prayer, personally and individually, to look further into the spirituality which bequeathed us Marie-Eugenie ?
- Which action will you invent ? Do not wait until somebody of other proposes it ! Which service with others for more justice, more heat, more solidarity, more attention, of respect ?

Invent the action, run you in times of contemplation, create communities where, in the respect of the states of life and the family lives, one can think that the heart Assumption beats.
The Assumption needs you !

Of course, I am not with you in person, but are sure that my prayer rises with yours !

Of course, I would have liked to know you individually, but I am sure that, in spite of the distance, we are Assomption Together !
Dear Friends of Assomption, Dear Sisters, you know my friendship. It accompanies you at the time of all this congress for which I formulate the wishes great success !
I entrust all to us with the intercession of Marie-Eugenie Mother !

Olivier The Son-in-law

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