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Marie Eugenie Institute: Life Paths

vendredi 10 novembre 2006

Lifepaths is a formation program that seeks to accompany
those who want to embark on a spiritual journey
with Mother Marie Eugenie as a group (or Basic Ecclesial

It follows certain themes that marked the
pathways of the first Assumption and the Assumption
family through all times and places.

The program presents five of twelve themes that may be
used in small group sharing or prayer circles :
•God in Our Present Moment
•God and Our Vocation
•he Incarnation of Jesus Part 1
•The Incarnation of Jesus Part 2

Each theme is carried in a daily journal for the month
called Pathways that include scriptural text, a text of
M. Marie Eugenie, a contemporary reflection and some excerpts
from MM Eugenie’s life or writings. Finally it offers
points for personal reflection and prayer.

LifePaths Committee

Marie Eugenie Institute

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